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March 28, 2013
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(*bows* Thank you, thank you, this is a kind of long one, my longest yet!)


Sky stood on the pedestal waiting for the horn that would signal the start of, possibly, the end of his life. Vareide had told them the rules beforehand, and anything else they needed to know. Apparently any death was represented with a loud boom and a voice in their head would tell them who it was. Why that was needed Sky didn’t know.

Sky looked at the other people there too, next to him was Cavemanfilms to his right and ThnxCya, or James as he liked being called, to his left. Sky refocused back to the weapons strewn about the ground in front of them, he spotted many iron swords, and only one bow, but Sky was looking to see if there was a butter sword. Then he spotted one butter sword, all the way across the clearing they were in.


That was the horn, the Survival Games have started. Sky set off with a run, the clearing was large, and anyone could easily reach the butter sword before him. Then he noticed Ant who picked the gold sword up, along with an iron sword. Ant was running straight at Sky, was Ant going to run him through with a butter sword? No, Ant was holding the hilt out towards Sky, so Sky could grab it as he ran. Sky nodded to Ant and grabbed the butter sword as he passed Ant, and continued on running like his life depended on it, which it did.

Sky ran deep into the forest and happened upon a chest; he opened it and inside was a couple apples, and a piece of bread, that would suffice for now. Sky kept on going before he realized it was getting dark, he knew mobs wouldn’t come, but he still needed some sort of shelter. Sky realized that going into a tree was probably his only option; thankfully he was good at climbing trees. Sky got to near the top of the tree and sat there, hoping he could get to sleep. Eventually Sky fell asleep in the tree.


Sky got jarred awake by an impossibly loud cannon. There was a death already? Sky waited for the voice that would tell him who died, not a minute later he heard a female voice.

“SlamacowCreations was killed by CaptainSparklez.” It said.

So the first death….

Sky realized just then, he was going to have to stay as far away from anyone as he possibly could, except for Jason and Deadlox, they already had a treaty. He knew Jordan wasn’t the killing type, yet he had done so anyways. What worried him was the possibility of having to kill someone he knew. What he would do then, Sky shook that thought away, and he hoped that wouldn’t happen.

Sky quickly climbed down the tree, he better keep going and look for more chests with food. Sky walked for another minute before finding a chest, this one had a couple steaks in it, bingo. Sky figured that chests with food won’t be a problem, but other people will. He absent mindedly chewed on one of the apples and continued to walk.

Sky realized it was getting dark, he looked around, I tree should be able to suffice for now. He was picking a tree before he noticed a light not far away from where he was, he knew it wasn’t smart, but he decided to investigate it anyways.

He followed a light into a clearing, in the middle there was a little fire, and someone was sitting on the other side. It was Ant.

“Ant?” Sky asked not sure how to react.

Ant looked up at Sky, “Hello Sky.” He said waving.

Sky waved back at Ant, maybe he could form a temporary truce with Ant. Ant was an exceptionally good sword fighter anyways. Sky blinked and in a second Ant was up and a foot away from him, sword at the ready. Sky’s instinct took over and he went into a defensive position, his sword out too.

“Ant?” Sky asked slightly puzzled.

“I’m sorry Sky.” Ant said.

“What?” Sky said backing up, he couldn’t fight off Ant.

“We would probably end up facing each other anyways, so might as well get over with it now.” Ant said.

“No-“ Sky started, but was cut off as he blocked Ant’s attack.

Sky realized he had several disadvantages one being he wasn’t a very good sword fighter, another being he had his back to the trees and could easily back up against one and be rendered helpless.

Sky tried to maneuver to the middle of the clearing, but Ant cut him off every single time. Sky decided he needed another approach to this, he couldn’t run, and Ant could all too easily get past his sword, he needed to start fighting offensively.

Sky leaped forwards, pushing Ant backwards, he kept pressing his attacks, and Ant was the one fighting defensively now. Ant jumped to the side as he nearly fell backwards into the fire he had made. Sky momentarily lost track of Ant, a moment Ant took advantage of. Sky gasped as a searing pain came from his stomach; he looked down only to realize Ant had gotten behind him, and stabbed him with his sword.

Sky fell to the ground, completely unaware of anything but pain.

“I’m sorry Sky.” He heard Ant say. “Someone was going to have to get to you.”

Then Sky’s world disappeared.

Jason ran through the forest his sword gripped in his hand, he needed to find Sky and Deadlox, fast. They had a truce if they ever met each other. He kept running before stopping in front of a small pond, he already had a few pork chops from a chest he had found earlier that day. He looked up, it was getting dark, and he should find some sort of shelter. He looked around and sadly didn’t find anything, a tree should suffice. Jason soon realized he couldn’t climb trees. Jason sighed, he was going to have to sleep on the ground. It took a while but Jason finally fell asleep.


Jason woke up to an impossibly loud horn, and it was close, he could tell. He got up and ran away from where he thought the explosion came from. Not long after the boom he heard a female voice inside his head, and he prayed it wasn’t Sky or Deadlox.

“SlamacowCreations was killed by CaptainSparklez.” The voice said.

Jason sighed in relief, his friends were still alive. Jason stopped running and started eating one of his pork chops. He sat there for a while before he kept moving; he spotted a chest next to a tree. He looked at the chest; it didn’t look like a trapped chest, so it was probably safe. Inside he found a bucket of milk, and an apple. He kept going, but walking this time, he wasn’t exactly in a rush to meet anybody.

Jason sat down next to a small pool, he looked up at the sky, it was about midday, he had survived a full day, and he was relieved. Jason got up, he better keep moving. He walked for a long while before reaching a clearing, he looked at the pedestals, he was back at the middle. He saw someone in the middle and turned around and ran.


Another horn startled Jason, it sounded far enough away to not be a danger any time soon. He silently prayed it wasn’t Sky or Deadlox. Again came the same monotone female voice.

“SkythekidRS was killed by AntVenom” It said.

Jason’s heart fell, Sky was dead; it was him and Deadlox now. Sky was killed by someone he believed a friend. Jason gripped the sword lying next to him. He stopped, revenge wasn’t the answer, and there was no way he could defeat Ant in a sword fight.


Another horn shocked Jason, he looked around, two deaths so close to each other. Who was it now? The voice came again.

“Kuledud3 was killed by ThnxCya.” The voice said.

Jason sighed in relief, it wasn’t Deadlox, or in fact, it wasn’t anyone he knew.

ThnxCya stumbled back form the body of whom he just killed; the horn that came upon his death was still ringing in his ears. He sat down his head in his hands, he had just killed someone, not even someone he knew, then again, he didn’t know a lot of people, he knew Sky slightly. He thanked the person who died in time to distract Kuledud3 enough that he could kill him. He sat there for another second before he heard a monotone female voice.

“SkythekidRS was killed by AntVenom.” It said, then, “Kuledud3 was killed by ThnxCya.”

James grimaced at the sound of his name, confirming that he had just killed another person.

James accidently mumbled aloud, “James, you fool, you got yourself into this.”

James sighed and stood up, if he was going to win this, he was going to have to kill a lot more people.

ClashJTM looked at his friend Mr360Games, Double, or Ryan, whatever you felt like calling him. The thought kept nagging Clash, what if it ended up just being him and Double? Then what? Was he going to be forced to kill his best friend? Clash flexed his paws, sheathing and unsheathing his claws.

“Hey Clash.” Ryan said.


“I found a cool cave.”

“Okay, cool, lead me there.” Clash said getting up.

Clash followed Double through the forest before coming up to a mountain that had a cave in it. The cave wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t too small either, it would do fine. He noticed a chest in the middle; he felt that something was wrong with it.

“Hey Double,” Clash said.

“What?” Ryan said looking back at him.

“That chest could be trapped, we shouldn’t open it.” Clash said eyeing the chest.

“That’s silly, Clash, it’s gonna be fine.” Ryan said.

Clash watched Double open the chest; he heard the click of redstone. “Ryan run!” Clash shouted running to the entrance of the cave.

Apparently Ryan heard it too, he scrambled out running as fast as he could, and he barely made it out in time. They both watched the cave get blocked off from exiting, and watched it slowly fill with lava.

“I told you not to open it Double!” Clash nearly shouted.

Ryan looked down and mumbled, “Sorry.”

“You could have died!” Clash said infuriated.

“Let’s keep on moving.” Ryan said.

Clash nodded, “Okay.”


Chimney stumbled back, completely shocked he had just killed one of his friends, he turned and ran, his ears ringing from the horn. He stopped as his ears stopped ringing and sat down on the grass, he put his head in his hands, he was a killer.

“CavemanFilms was killed by Chimneyswift.” A female voice said.

Chimney sighed, that voice had just proved it, he was a killer. Who was he going to kill next?

AdamMontaya ran through the forest, he was being hunted, and he didn’t have his friends with him to help him. SeaNanners kept running, arrows barely missing him as he weaved throughout the forest. Adam felt a sudden rush of adrenaline, he was going to survive being hunted, and he knew the hunter was Paulsoaresjr, an exceptionally good archer, and a good sword fighter. He might not be able to fight him, or even kill him, but he thought he could outrun him.

Adam kept running, he knew he was getting tired, but he had to keep going. His life flashed before his eyes as he tripped. He started to get up again; he fell back down as an arrow hit his right arm. He looked up to see Paulsoaresjr, this was it, he was going to die. Adam tried to pick his sword up, but it was too late. He watched helplessly as Paul lifted a two-handed war hammer, and brought it down upon him.


Setosorcerer woke up from his sleep and bumped his head against the roof of the cave he was in. He got down from the ledge he was sleeping on and waited for the voice that always came after a death and a horn.

“AdamMontaya was killed by Paulsoaresjr.” The voice said.

Seto got out of his cave, he lost track of how many people were left alive. It didn’t matter exactly how many people were left, he didn’t believe he’d make it out, alive anyways. Seto looked at the mountain that the cave was indented into; he believed there would be something good up there. Thankfully the mountain didn’t look very steep. He started on his journey up the mountain on a full belly; he didn’t want to have to stop half-way up.

Seto made his way up the mountain easily. He hoped that it would be rewarding when he made it to the top. It took a while to get to the top, but when he did he was sweating and thirsty, he saw a convenient little spring, he walked over to it and took large mouthfuls of water. He finished and looked around.

Seto restrained from gasping as he saw another person, or he thought it was a person. He edged closer being careful not to make a sound. It was a person alright, and someone he knew. He had recognized the headphones almost immediately, it was Deadlox. He seemed to be scouting the area, looking for something or somebody. Seto stood there for a second realizing he could sneak behind Deadlox and push him off the mountain.

Right then Deadlox turned around; they maintained eye contact for a few seconds before Deadlox sprang into action. Seto reacted immediately and took out his sword. He knew they were evenly matched, that was a plus, but a minus was they were on the edge of a cliff. Seto sparred with Deadlox for a good minute, but Seto had to back up to the ledge, he knew he wasn’t far from the edge. Seto backed up another step back from the barrage of attacks coming from Deadlox, and then he slipped.

With a cry Seto dropped his sword and flailed his arms to grab onto the edge of the cliff. He took several deep breaths once he firmly grabbed the edge. Seto looked down at the bottom of the cliff, then back up at Deadlox.

“Help me up.” Seto gasped.

He looked at Deadlox’s eyes, they showed no emotion. Seto watched as Deadlox stepped on one of his hands, Seto dropped his hand; he wasn’t going to get any help from Deadlox. Something sparked inside Seto and he glared at Deadlox as he raised his foot to step on his other hand. Deadlox stepped on Seto’s right hand, Seto took his left hand and grabbed onto Deadlox’s leg, if he was going to fall, Deadlox was coming with him. Seto let go of the ledge, he watched as Deadlox’s eyes grew wide in astonishment, then he fell off the ledge with Seto. Seto closed his eyes; he didn’t want to see the ground when he landed.


Jason looked up, two deaths right after each other. Who was it? Jason was thoroughly interested in who died, but also how they died. He waited for the voice.

“Setosorcerer was killed by Deadlox.” It said first.

Jason gasped; he knew what the second message was going to be.

“Deadlox was killed by Setosorcerer.” The voice said, confirming his thoughts.

Jason groaned his friends were dead, what will he do now? Jason sat there for a moment. He sighed; reality had finally slapped him in the face. He knew he wasn’t getting out of this alive.

Double looked at his friend Clash, who was weirdly enough a lion. The thought had been nagging him, even if he didn’t tell Clash. He knew that if they survived it would be only Clash and himself, what would they do then?

Double pushed that thought away; he didn’t want to think about it now.

“Hey Double.” Clash said.


“I found this cool structure over here.”


“Yeah, come look at it.” Clash said gesturing towards him.

Ryan quickly walked over to where Clash was, and peered out at. It was in fact something; it could be a dilapidated house.

“We should check it out.” Double suggested.

“Sure, why not.” Clash said shrugging.

They walked semi-cautiously towards the house, it didn’t seem trapped or anything. They got inside and noticed there was a basement.

“Cool, I’ll check out the basement, Double you can check out the rest of the house.” Clash said.

Ryan refrained from complaining and continued searching the house. He found a couple chests that contained a few apples and five steaks. They had reached the jackpot. Ryan heard someone enter the house, he turned around. It wasn’t Clash who had entered; it was someone he recognized as ExplodingTNT. Ryan backed up against the wall; he got his sword out and ready.

“Clash!” Double yelled out.

ExplodingTNT hesitated momentarily, then lashed out at Double, Double managed to block it. Exploding attacked again, this time getting past Double’s defense. Ryan gasped as ExplodingTNT ran his sword through him. Double fell to the floor. Ryan saw Clash burst out of the basement, looking at Double then at ExplodingTNT. Clash leapt at Exploding, hissing, and claws extended.

Ryan closed his eyes and a couple seconds later he heard an insanely loud horn.

“Double?” He heard Clash say.

“Hey Clash.” Double said before coughing up blood.

“We’re idiots Ryan.”

“I know Clash.” Double opened his eyes and looked at his friend.

Double’s vision blurred before him.

“Don’t die Ryan.”

“I don’t want to, but I know I am. At least I don’t have to kill you now.” Ryan said with a weak smile.

Clash frowned, “I wish we never got into this.”

“Me too, buddy, me too.” His vision blurred again and darkened before going away completely.

Chimney sighed, he was a killer, and probably will be killing someone else soon. It was just the way of the games; you need to kill to survive. As if his thoughts were a prophecy he heard footsteps to the left of him. Truth be told, he was annoyed by these games, they had already caused the deaths of his friends, and his closer friend Ryan.

Chimney sneaked closer to the sound of footsteps, he ended up behind the other, and he recognized the blue spacesuit. It was TrueMU, or Jason. Chimney snuck up behind Jason, he knew Jason a little bit, so he wanted Jason to have a quick death. Chimney took another step and accidently stepped on a twig.

Jason whipped around and stared at Chimney, his mouth wide in astonishment.

“I’m sorry Jason.” Chimney said as he leapt forward at Jason.

Jason let out a cry as Chimney pushed him over. Chimney stood over Jason, his sword at Jason’s throat.

“Sorry.” Chimney said before the horn signaling death pushed him away.


PwnagePotato winced; he guessed who died with that horn. He looked to his left and say Saul running like a cartoon character, and to his left Jerry running with grim determination. He guessed that the horn was for Harry, and he was right. They were being hunted, two others were chasing them, AntVenom and CaptainSparklez had teamed up, and they had gotten Harry.

“Run!” He heard Saul say.

“I’m running!” Jerry said.

To his horror he saw Saul trip with a cry, he kept running, but he still heard the horn that came seconds later.

“Potato!” He heard Jerry shout.

Potato glanced to his left to see Jerry; Potato knew he couldn’t run forever. Jerry and himself were both running out of breath, and getting tired. Without meaning to Potato looked back to see if they were still being chased. They were, and they were easily gaining on them. Potato wasn’t watching where he was going, and tripped over a tree root.

“Potato!” He heard Jerry cry out.

Potato looked up to see harsh black eyes looking back at him, the other one must still be chasing Jerry. The other lifted his sword and brought it down on Potato. His world quickly disappeared.


CaptainSparklez walked back to his teammate he had made in this bloodbath of a game. Jordan sighed, that was his third kill.

“ItsJerry was killed by CaptainSparklez.” Interrupted his thoughts.

Jordan winced, it was worse that the name of the one he killed was Jerry. Jordan wiped the blood off his sword, there couldn’t be many people left alive. He knew that Paul, Ant, at least two from-the-start teams were alive, and himself were alive. He knew he was going to have to kill his teammate. They were both tense, either one could kill the other in their sleep.
ThnxCya looked at the expanse of land before him. He had to admit, this arena was big. James sighed, and then heard footsteps behind him. James turned around slowly. He looked at the person who nearly crept up to him. He stared Chimneyswift right in his two different colored eyes.

James leapt right into action, their swords meeting with a clang. James knew he was well-matched; this could be an interesting fight. Again and again their blades met, neither seemed to be able to get the upper hand in this fight. James started thinking about the way the other fought. Then he realized they were both attacking defensively, James could suddenly take the upper hand.

James launched into his attacks. Chimney’s concentrated face broke and James pushed forward. Chimney looked sort of shocked by the change in fighting. He stared at Chimney, their swords locked. James twisted his sword around, he brought Chimney’s sword with his, causing Chimney to drop his sword.

Chimney backed up away from James. ThnxCya took a few steps forward. He thrust his sword into Chimney’s chest. He watched Chimney’s eyes widen. James took a step back and took his sword with him. James turned away, he had killed another person.

As he walked away he heard the unmistakable horn signaling a death.

Clash looked around at the forest that was trapping him in this place of death and betrayal. Clash sighed; there was no way to escape from this place, the place where his best friends died. He had been wandering around for a while now. He hadn’t seen anyone new, and he didn’t want to either.

He hadn’t seen anyone new, until he heard a rustling of bushes. Someone burst through them, he recognized him as ThnxCya, the one who had killed his friend Chimney. Clash growled and James whipped around to see Clash, his eyes wide.

Clash didn’t give him a second to run; he leapt on him in a second. He barely heard a cry escape from the other before James felt the wrath of his claws. There was an impossibly loud boom and Clash fell away from the other. He was barely recognizable and Clash left, running on all four paws for a while before resting.

StevenStar grinned; he looked at his brother MatthewJStar who gave him a thumbs up. Steve nodded; they were closing in on their target. Steve stepped out from their cover to confront their target, ClashJTM. They’d been stalking him for a few hours.

“Hello.” Steve said.

The lion tensed, “What are you doing?” He said unsheathing his claws.

Steve stepped back, “Woah there kitty.” He said taunting him.

Clash growled then stopped, “Don’t you have a brother?”

Steve grinned. Clash whipped around, only to be met face to face with Matt. Clash turned around and attempted to run, only to be stopped by Steve.

“Let me leave.” Clash growled.

“Why would we do that?” Matt asked.

Clash turned to look at Matt. “Why are you so pale?”

Matt winced.

Clash raised an eyebrow.

Steve took that moment to attack Clash. Clash reared back, right into Matt’s sword. Clash lashed back at Steve his claws unsheathed. Steve fell with a cry, but Matt was right there at his aid. Matt slashed at Clash’s back.

The lion roared and leapt back off of Steve and turned back at Matt. He leapt at Matt this time. Steve took advantage of Clash’s unprotected back and took the time to stab him in the back. The lion fell to the ground with a strangled roar.

Steve helped Matt up, “Well, we’re still alive.”

“Yeah, thank goodness.” Matt said, “That was a bit too close for comfort.”


It had been a few days, no one had died and Steve and Matt we’re up to their tricks again. They’d been following the others for at least a day now. Steve did the same thing as he did before. He stepped out from behind the trees and looked at JollyAjax, or Matt, B0xx3r, or Ed, and Ahhnowisee, or Will; they were aiming for Will first who was lagging slightly behind.

“Hello.” Steve said waving at them.

The three stopped and stared at Steve. “What are you doing?” Ed asked.

“Nothing, nothing.” Steve said and without meaning to glancing at his brother Matt who was sneaking up behind Will.

“Wait-“ JollyAjax was cut off by a horn, they all whipped around.

Matt’s eyes widen as he stared and Steve’s brother, “Will!” He shouted as he ran at Matt.

Steve turned towards Ed, who was glaring at him with the hatred of seven suns. Steve took his sword out and readied it; he figured it wasn’t going to happen like it did before. Ed came rushing at him, he was surprised by the force behind Ed’s swings, but he could match it.

They spared for not a few seconds before they both heard a cry from behind them. They whipped around to see their friend, or brother, mortally wounded. They ran to their brother or friend. Steve knelt down beside is brother who had several cuts on his arms and chest, they were bleeding swiftly.

“Matt….” Steve said.


“Don’t die on me, Matt.”

“I won’t Steve.”

“How would I be sure of that?”

Matt didn’t respond, just closed his eyes.

“Matt….” Steve said again.


Steve looked around, he noticed Ed, who was looking at his own friend, coincidently named Matt, and he watched Ed pick up his own sword and edge towards him. The look on Ed’s face was enough to make anyone run away. Steve stood up, this is what the Survival Games have done to all of them, killed friends, and family.


Steve whipped around to look at his brother, he was dead, and Steve knew it. Steve looked back at Ed and gripped his sword. If he was going to go down, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight. He ignored the voice in his head telling him who died and who killed them. Steve charged at Ed, he guessed that he was going to die, but Ed was coming with him.


Ant looked at his teammate, who had died that time?


Again, someone died obviously in battle. Ant silently counted, that was it, only three people left.

“B0xx3r was killed by StevenStar.” It said, then. “StevenStar was killed by B0xx3r.”

Ant looked back at CaptainSparklez; it was only them, and Paul. They were in the middle of the clearing they all started in. It was two versus one; they were probably going to beat Paul. Ant looked back at Jordan who was surveying the area.


Ant jumped at the horn. Was there a misfire using the horn? Ant looked out, and to his horror saw Jordan standing stalk still, an arrow protruding from his neck. Ant turned away and continued looking around. He froze as death whistled past his ear. He ran for cover, he was under fire.

Paul froze as he nocked another arrow, it was his last arrow and he better aim true. He waited a little bit too long and watched Ant run for cover, he let loose his last arrow before dropping the bow and quiver and picking up the war hammer. Carrying the hammer seemed natural for him, like he killed others with it daily; it bothered him slightly.

Paul stepped out of the bushes; it was do, or probably die now. There was only himself and Ant now. Paul saw Ant emerge from his hiding, his sword ready. Paul’s tactic was to kill Ant quickly; he couldn’t fight off a sword with only a war hammer.

Ant approached Paul cautiously, he didn’t blame Ant. Paul walked a little quicker, he raised him hammer, and one quick blow to the head would get the job done. They stood not feet away from each other.

Paul quickly dodged an attack from Ant, his hammer was not as nimble as Ant’s sword, but he would live. Paul dodged a couple more attacks and deflected some with the handle of his hammer. Paul saw his chance and raised his hammer, and brought it down on his opponent.

Paul glared at Vareide, he hated his guts, putting him and Notch knows how many other people through this promising them rewards, then having all but one of them die. He was glad it was over though; he could go back to his wife and kids. He accepted the reward, but he would never use it, ever. He was going to get revenge on Vareide.

Hopefully life would get back to normal again. He looked at his wife, MinecraftMom, his daughter, Remmi, and his sons JumboMuffin and ChiefChirpa. He waved at them, and they waved back. It was going to take some time for life to get back together again, but oh well. He would live, unlike the others that participated in The Events.

(Hope you guys enjoyed!)

(A little tribute to each of these guys)

Ant: You got in second, there’s no way I’d have let you win
CaptainSparklez: Ohhhh, Paul got you
Cave: Too bad you didn’t have a club with you
Chimney: You were slain by a mighty Minecrafter
Clash: Rawr, kind of wanted you to win
Deadlox: Seto pulled you down with him, dem fangirls be hatin’ on me
ExplodingTNT: You killed Ryan, but was killed by another mighty Minecraftian
ItsJerryAndHarry: Got teamed up on, aren’t teams unfair
JollyOlBrits: You guys like the Survival Games “always death match” my rear end, you guys were killed by some mighty Minecraftians too
Kuledud3: Killed by a mighty Minecraftian #Pirates
TrueMU: Killed by another mighty Minecraftian
Mr360Games: Died in your friend’s hands
Paulsoaresjr: WOOOOOOOOO! You won! Mostly because there’s no way I could kill you
AdamMontaya: Brought down by the mightiest of Minecraftians
Setosorcerer: Haha, didn’t die without bringing Deadlox down with you
SkythekidRS: No one voted for you to win, I don’t blame them
SlamacowCreations: I got nothing
SterileStudios: I’m sad, you guys had to die
ThnxCya: James, you fool, you died, hard killing you too

(That’s it!)
Hola, and Adios
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