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March 28, 2013
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Deadlox sighed, there had been a lot of trouble lately, first multiple squid attacks, and then someone opens a mod that no one knows about. They aren’t sure what the mod did, or what it effected. Nothing strange has happened, no new mobs, no new ores, nothing new, it was strange. He guessed it was a hostile mod, most unknown mods are.

Deadlox wondered for a moment if the mod affected death. He shook that thought away, those mods were rare and few. Deadlox heard something above him and looked up and to his horror saw a recruit hanging onto the ceiling. He watched the recruit jump down from the ceiling; he landed next to him, on his feet, perfectly fine.

Deadlox blinked, was he dreaming? The recruit looked at him; she had long black hair, and bright blue eyes. She handed him a note, then left. Deadlox watched the recruit leave then turned back to look at the note she had given him. It read:

Immortals Mod
Adds: Ghouls, Demons, Angels, Priests, ShadowHunters, Werewolves, and Vampires.
Ghouls: Created by being killed by a zombie pigman in the Nether, cannot take fall damage, but get hurt by water.
Demons: Created by dying in lava wearing full leather armor in the Nether, can only wear leather armor, and can shoot fire balls using leather.
Angels: Created by falling off a cliff while carrying a feather with them, and they can hover.
Priests: Created by donating to the church, cannot wear armor or hurt non-hostile animals, powers are unknown.
ShadowHunters: Created by killing an Immortal then joining the ShadowHunter community, can only wear leather armor.
Werewolves: Created by being killed by a wild wolf, will not turn them 100% of the time, can use leather for super speed/jump, can only use their powers in the night, and can use bones to summon wolves, weak against gold.
Vampires: Created by an altar, can teleport by using leather, teleport is set by a book, is hurt by sunlight unless wearing a golden helmet, and can use roses to jump high, also do not take fall damage, heal quicker, can be hurt easily with a wooden stake or sword.
Meet me in front of the base at noon, I’ll wait for a whole week upon you getting this, I’ll tell you more about the mod.
Message sent by: Tina, Ghoul

Deadlox finished reading the note; he should meet Tina tomorrow at noon. Deadlox thought about bringing Sky, he thought about it and decided it would be a good idea.

Deadlox looked at Tina who was hurrying ahead of Sky and him. She looked back. “Come on, hurry up!” She called back at them.

Deadlox glanced at Sky and they picked up the speed, they were going through the mountains that surrounded the base. “Where are we going?” Sky asked.

Tine turned around, “We usually meet at the vampire altar that popped up.”

“Who else is there?” Deadlox asked.

“Well, there’s only a few of us so far, and we hope it stays that way, there’s Max, he’s a vampire, Chester’s a werewolf, Mary is an angel, Sarah is a demon, and I’m a ghoul. We don’t know of any ShadowHunters or Priests either.” Tina said looking around.

“Oh, it’s over this way.” She said.

Deadlox followed Tina with Sky not far behind. A couple minutes later Deadlox found himself standing in front of a small building. Tina unlocked the door, “Come on.”

Deadlox exchanged glances with Sky before walking in. Deadlox followed Tina down a long stairway until they reached a room, with four other people in it and a golden block in the middle.

“Hello.” Said one with red hair. “I’m Chester.”

“I’m Sarah.” Said a girl with dark brown hair.

“I’m Mary,” A girl with light brown hair and green eyes said.

“And, I’m Max.” Said a blonde.

“Hello. Deadlox and Sky replied to them.

“So, we found out the Immortals Mod is in fact, not a mod, but a plugin, and it has been set to only affect people in the Sky Army.” Max said.

“Figures.” Deadlox mumbled.

“Yeah, but we don’t know where the mod is, who opened it, or what will happen when it is destroyed.” Sarah said.

“Well, that’s a lot of information.” Sky said sarcastically rolling his eyes.

“Well, that’s all we have now, work with it.” Mary said glaring at Sky.

“So this,” Sky said gesturing towards the golden block, “Is a vampire altar?”

“Yeah, we believe it is the only one.” Max said.

“How did you become a vampire?” Deadlox asked.

Max winced, “I ‘donated’ to the vampire altar.”

“What do you mean ‘donated’?” Deadlox wondered.

“It was an accident, that thing is touchy.” Max said.

“Is this the whole entire thing?” Sky asked.

“Yeah.” Chester said.

“Maybe we should make this into a hideout for any Immortal.” Sky suggested.

Mary nodded, “That’s a great idea.”

“Great, I’ll get some materials to start expanding.” Tina said.

“Well, we should go back.” Sky said getting up.

“Okay, cya.” Sarah said.

Deadlox got up, he was glad something didn’t somehow go horribly wrong like he thought it somehow would, but still, the foreboding feeling wouldn’t go away.

“Cya,” Sky said.

“Bye.” Deadlox said.

Deadlox walked past the golden block, “What do you have to donate to become a vampire?”

“Touch it, it tells you.” Max said.

Deadlox hesitated before touching the golden block. A list of foods went through his mind; they didn’t stay long enough for him to remember them though. “That’s creepy.” Deadlox said.

“Yeah, I was unlucky enough to set my mushroom stew on it to eat.” Max said.

Sky raised an eyebrow, “It’s that touchy?”

Max nodded, “It’s dumb how touchy it is.”

“Yeah.” Sky said, “Do you remember what the foods were?”

Max shook his head, “No.”

“That’s a shame.” Sky said. “I wonder what they are.”

Sky touched the golden block, and froze.

“No way.” Max whispered.

“What-“ Deadlox started.

Deadlox watched Sky fall to the ground, writhing in agony.

“Well….” Max said. “That’s unfortunate.”

“What’s happening to Sky?” Deadlox asked.

Max rolled his eyes, “He’s dying.”

The look on Deadlox’s face was shocked.

“What did you think? All of us died to get this way.” Max said.

Max swiftly left the room.

“Where’s he going?” Deadlox asked.

“Beats me.” Chester shrugged.

Deadlox looked back at Sky who had grown still. Deadlox knelt next to Sky and felt for a pulse, there was none. Deadlox looked up as he heard the squealing of a pig. He watched Max drag a helpless pig into the room.

“Deadlox you might-“ Max started saying.

Deadlox reared back as Sky’s eyes shot wide open. Sky’s eyes were blood red, and he had scary sharp fangs. Sky looked at Deadlox before Sky leaped at him and pinning him down with inhuman strength.

“Hey Sky!” Max nearly shouted.

Sky whipped around and glared at Max.

“Take the pig!” He said releasing the pig.

Sky got off Deadlox and attacked the pig. Deadlox turned around, trying to ignore the pig’s squeals before they were cut off.

“What the actual crap.” He heard Sky say after a minute.
Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuun....
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