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April 2, 2013
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Sky lay in his bed and sighed, he looked at his ceiling, this vampire thing was annoying, he couldn’t walk around the hallways like he usually did. A loud knock on his door made him jump and he sat up on his bed.

“Sky, I know you’re in there!” It was the lead priest.

Sky groaned.

“Let me in, you’re missing all the meetings, and they’re important!” There was a pause. “If you’re still sick you should go to the infirmary or something!”

Sky sighed and got up, he went to his fridge and grabbed a glass of water, although he couldn’t eat, he could still drink. Sky sat down on a chair and sipped at his water.

“Sky!” The priest protested.

“Okay, you can come in.” Sky said exasperated.

The priest opened the door, “Finally, you should really go to those meetings or go the infirmary if you’re sick….” The priest stopped and her eyes widened.

Hannah, alive, priest, B negative ran through his head.

“Y-you’re not sick, you’re….” Hannah paused, “Dead.”

“No need to rub it in.” Sky said blandly.

“That’s why you don’t go to the meetings.”

Sky nodded, “It’s tough having to evade all the priests and ShadowHunters.”

Hannah took a step back, “It’ll be discovered one day Sky.”

“I know, what do you think will happen when the mod is destroyed?”

Hannah thought about it for a second before she gasped, “All the undead will die again.” She said in a small voice.

Sky nodded, “Deadlox thinks that too.”

“Deadlox? Does Deadlox know you’re a vampire?”

“Yeah, he does, no one else except the Immortals we know of do too.”

“What are we going to do?”

“I have no idea, but don’t tell anyone.”

Hannah rolled her eyes, “I’m not that dumb.”

“I know, just making sure.”

“Sky, the priests are having a meeting tomorrow, we’re trying to find out more about our priestly powers, and to see if we can cure the undead of their spell, and possibly bring them back to life.”

“Let me guess, you need a test subject?”

Hannah looked away for a second, “Well, yeah, there are some things that work on living people too.”

Sky sighed, “When is it, and where is it?”

“Tomorrow at noon, at the cathedral, arrive early so I can talk to you.”

“Okay, see you then.” Sky said.

Hannah nodded and left.

Sky knocked on the doors of the cathedral, “It’s me, Sky.”

The doors opened and Sky took a step back.

“Hello, Sky, come in.”

Sky walked in and looked around, the cathedral was huge, he didn’t come here often as you don’t pass it in any of the main hallways.

“I’ve thought, a few of the priests aren’t very good at keeping secrets, you can stay and watch but don’t show yourself to them.”


“Where are you going to stay?”

“I can stay in the roof supports.”

“How are you going to get there?”

“You don’t know much about the Immortals do you?”

Hannah shook her head, “No, we don’t.”

Sky grinned, “Well, we can do this.” He said holding the rose out.

Sky jumped and leaped ten feet in the air, he jumped mid-jump again and reached the top of the cathedral.

“Woah.” Hannah said looking up.

Sky grinned, “Pretty cool, huh?”

“Yeah-“ Hannah stopped as they heard a knock on the door.

Hannah went to go open it, “Oh, hello Mya, come in.”

Someone, most likely Mya, walked in. Mya, alive, priest, A positive; ran through his head.

“Hi Hannah.” Mya said cheerily, “I think I found out something that could work.”

“Really, what?” Hannah asked.

“Have you guys tried flowers?”

“Actually, yes we have.”


There was another knock on the door and Hannah went to go open the door. “Hello, Madi, Jordan, and Lydia.”

“Hi.” They said.

Jordan, alive, priest, A negative, Madison, alive, priest, AB positive, and Lydia, alive, priest, B positive; ran through his head.

“We might as well get started then.”

“Oh, Hannah, is it okay if I invited a ShadowHunter?” Lydia asked.

Sky watched Hannah tense for a second before relaxing, “Yeah, sure.”

Sky watched someone walk into the room, Paul, alive, ShadowHunter, O negative; ran through his head. Sky jumped to the next support, he hoped not to get found. Sky silently watched their meeting, he couldn’t understand what they were saying from that height, but he watched them pull out different objects.

They seemed to have finished talking about something when the ShadowHunter spoke up loud enough for Sky to hear.

“I don’t mean to startle you guys.” He started, “But there’s an Immortal in this room.”

Sky jumped to another support to get closer to the ShadowHunter. He looked down to see the group of priests was very unsettled, and Hannah seemed nervous.

“I believe it is a vampire.” Paul continued.

Sky tensed at being called an “it”.

Hannah stood up, “First he is a he, not an it, and I invited him here.”

“You invited him here?” Paul said.

“I did invite him here.”

“You may be friendly towards vampires, but I’m not.” Paul said, taking out a wooden stake.

Sky flinched back even if he was a safe distance away.

Hannah stopped, “I don’t know if you would kill this vampire.”

“Try me.”

Hannah looked up and they made eye contact. Hannah nodded slightly and Sky hoped she meant to tell him to come down. Sky leaped to a couple supports next to him then jumped down. He was must with shocked faces.

“Well, Sky, you should go you have Sky Army related stuff to attend to.” Hannah said after a moment softly pushing Sky towards the door. “You guys don’t tell anyone.” She said threateningly to the others in the room.

Sky took a moment to glare at the ShadowHunter before he teleported away.
No me gusta ending, oh well.
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